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Superfundraiser.com will help turn you into a hero for your child's school, sports team or other youth group.

Super Fundraiser is a unique system that will match your group with easy, profitable fundraising programs based on your unique needs and preferences. 

Get Your Free, Custom Fundraising Match in 3 easy steps:

1) Answer some simple questions about your fundraising group.
2) Fundraising Matchmaker® will present solutions specifically tailored to your group.
3) Receive free information packages from only the companies that interest you.

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Well done on launching such a great free service, I’m very impressed!

Chris Hill, SuperFundraiser.com Member

Fundraising Partners

  • We’ll match your needs with fundraising solutions that are a good fit
  • You can trust our recommendations – We feature tried and tested fundraising solutions – only the best pass our tests!
  • You don’t have to search multiple websites to get many fundraising options – just one, SuperFundraiser.com
  • We respect your privacy - You will not end up on a third party mailing list
  • Free tools and information to maximize your fundraising success – We’re with you every step of the way!

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